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Kirtland Partnership Committee Supports Kirtland Air Force Base
Kirtland Partnership Committee
Kirtland Partnership Committee KPC New Mexico
Kirtland Air Force Base
Kirtland Partnership Committee Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Kirtland Partnership Committee

  KAFB Albuquerque, New Mexico

More about the KPC

The KPC has an annual budget of approximately $175,000, obtained by donations; an office off-base near the Eubank gate of Kirtland AFB within the Sandia Science and Technology Park; and a full-time Executive Director.  Currently the Board has over 100 members including a 17-person Executive Committee.  

The Board of Directors is required to hold an Annual Meeting in January, and a summer Board of Directors meeting has been held regularly as well.  The Board of Directors is made up of business men and women, civic leaders, experts on various military areas.  We look to our Board of Directors to help fund our activities.


Historically, the Governor of New Mexico, the five-member New Mexico Congres-sional Delegation, the Mayor of Albuquerque and the  Bernalillo County Commission Chair, along with the President of the Albuquerque City Council, have consented to serve as Ex-Officio  members of the KPC Board of Directors.

The KPC has no official ties to Kirtland Air Force Base or the US Air Force.  The KPC recognizes that Kirtland AFB organizations and commanders must remain mission-oriented. 

The KPC obtains only that factual infor-mation that is available to the public concerning the base and its missions.

The Kirtland Partnership Committee, or KPC, is a non-profit corporation with the mission of “supporting, preserving and growing” Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The KPC is non-partisan.

    Kirtland Partnership Committee           

The KPC was established in 1996 after its precursor group was successful in having Kirtland AFB removed from a 1995 base closure process in which the base faced a massive downsizing (not closure, a common misconception).


KPC Board Makeup

The Kirtland Partnership Committee is made up of business men and women who want to support, preserve and grow Kirtland AFB. Our Board of Directors includes over 100 business and civic leaders.  

Kirtland AFB is larger than Washington D.C.

Kirtland AFB is larger in area
than Washington, D.C.


KPC Mission

The Kirtland Partnership Committee seeks to:

  • Support, Preserve and Grow Kirtland Air Force  Base by helping enhance existing missions and attract appropriate new missions at the lowest possible cost.

  • Support legislation at local, state and national levels which will help Kirtland Air Force Base enhance existing missions and take advantage of Kirtland Air Force Base capacity for additional growth.

  • Increase awareness within New Mexico of the staggering Annual Economic Impact of Kirtland Air Force Base, currently almost $7.8 billion dollars.  The surrounding communities have overwhelmingly supported Kirtland Air Force Base for over seventy years even though sensitive government and defense missions are conducted on base.

  • Increase awareness among Department of Defense and Department of Energy decision-makers of the importance of and contributions made to the national defense by Kirtland Air Force Base.

For more information about Kirtland AFB visit

NM State Office of Military Base Planning and Support

The KPC, as a community group, deals almost daily with the New Mexico State Office of Military Base Planning and Support, which has been invaluable in coordinating, assisting and resolving various issues affecting Kirtland AFB.

The Director is Brigadier General Hanson Scott, USAF Retired, who has established professional relationships within the Air Force, the Pentagon Office of the Secretary of Defense, within the New Mexico Congressional Delegation and with the State Legislature and State agencies, along with the communities supporting the four large military installations in New Mexico (KPC for Kirtland AFB, Clovis Committee of 50 and Portales Military Affairs Committee for Cannon AFB, Alamogordo Committee of 50 for Holloman AFB, and the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee for White Sands Missile Range,a U.S. Army installation).

General Scott has been recognized previously by the Association of Defense Communities as the Public Sector Official of the Year, a recognition of his effectiveness on behalf of New Mexico Military Bases and their Community Support Groups. He is a member of the KPC Executive Committee.

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The Kirtland Partnership Committee has no official connection with Kirtland Air Force Base or the United States Air Force.
For more information about Kirtland Air Force Base visit or call 505-846-0011.
To contact the Kirtland Partnership Committee call 505-338-2180 in Albuquerque, New Mexico or e-mail us.